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Five Reasons to Choose Kyosei Systems for Web Development

Kyosei Systems has an in-house team of experienced developers who have an unblemished record of delivering custom web applications for Blue Chip clients: on-time and on-budget.

Web Application Development is a significant investment for any organisation, and you need to know the team you choose to work with will deliver your requirement reliably, cost-effectively.  We want you to know who you're dealing with.

Kyosei Systems are a partnership of software geeks, completely focused on delivering high quality, dependable web-based solutions.  Here are the five top reasons we believe you can depend on us:

  1. Everyone in Kyosei Systems is a technician: from project management to sales admin, we are developers who understand and enjoy developing world class web applications.  Our team is spread over three continents, but since 2001 we have been working together more closely than teams which share an office.  Our core team is supplemented by contractors, most of whom join us on many projects.
  2. Everyone in Kyosei Systems speaks jargon-free English: in fact we speak a number of different languages and that's one of our key strengths.  But we work successfully together because we share a deep appreciation of our Customer's requirement and each other's parts in it, rather than just concerning ourselves with the bubbles of our own specialities.
  3. Our work is transparent: we make sure all parts of our work are honest and clear.  We are perhaps unique as software developers in publishing a price list on our web site, and in publishing explicitly our expertise.  We each complete a daily progress report for any project we work on, so our Customers can see each day how much work has been completed, charged, our accomplishments and set-backs.
  4. We work to best practice: all our coding is version controlled and commented.  Open bugs are logged in a defect tracking system.  We are rigorous in all aspects of data security.  (Naturally, our Customers can see the code and defect system for their projects.)
  5. We are Web Development Pioneers: every web developer is a copier - we absorb, adapt, improve and apply the best and most successful techniques; and take advantage of code libraries and our own previous developments.  Kyosei Systems developers are also part of a much smaller, innovative group that creates new solutions and pushes technologies to achieve the best results.

Our Expertise

Our team covers software architecture, server-side and client-side programming, database administration, system administration and testing.  We only take on work within our core experience, that we know we can deliver.

  • Commercial:
    • Cloud applications: database driven applications with a web front-end for collaborative work.  Cross-platform mobile applications.  Multi-language web applications.
    • Data warehousing: extracting commercial data efficiently, from large data-sets
    • Conveying a message: Tutorials, Video animations, Trailers, 3D Graphics
    • Logistics: freight movements
    • E-commerce: retail sales web sites.
  • Technical:
    We specialise in Open Source technologies which give value for money.
    • Server Environments: Unix and Linux
    • Database Environemnts: MySQL
    • Server-Side Programming: Perl, PHP
    • Client Side Programming: ActionScript
    • Web Design: Hand-coded HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript
    • Graphic Design: Flash technologies, 2D and 3D design, Animation and digital artwork.

Web Development Clients

Here are some of the clients for whom we have developed Web Applications.

Portfolio Work

It is in the nature of work on web applications for large organisations that it's usually hidden inside corporate networks or largely inside an authenticated website.  But we have developed as a community service to the LGBT community and a showcase of our own skills.  It is free to create an account: feel free to take a look... the deeper you explore, the more you'll find!