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Debunking the SEO Myth

There is a whole industry trying to sell you the idea that being indexed in Google is some kind of dark art for which they would charge a fortune. They call themselves SEOs (Search Engine Optimisers). But do they really wield magic?

The main message of this article is that most search optimisation is about applying plain common sense, together with the advice given by Google (and other search engine companies). No company can guarantee your search ranking, no company has a deal with Google to get your site expedited indexing.

The truth is, search engine optimisation is important, does take some time, and should be considered all through the web design process. But there is no mistique: everything they offer, you can easily do for yourself, if you have the time. So here are our top five tips for becoming a friend of Google.

Top Five Tips

  1. Fresh Content
  2. Helping Google Navigate
  3. Links from other sites
  4. Adding Metadata
  5. Track your progress