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About the One-Page Web

Small retail businesses, from Hair Dressers to Take-Aways, are regularly cold-called by companies wanting to sell them a big web site, which they don't need.  And most have been included in a bunch of business listing websites which all list different opening times, telephone numbers, different price lists... their customers don't know which to believe.

For such small retail businesses and their customers, we have made the "One-Page Web". 

  • Customers will recognise your official website (named www.[Your-Business's-Name] and know that it has reliable information
  • Your business will have a hassle-free website with all the information you need.  We will take all the photos, agree the design, collect all the information from address to testimonials, and build your web site for a fixed fee.  Then we'll handle all your updates free-of-charge: just e-mail or phone us with changes.

Case Study

Nick from Whitby's Railway Chippy needed a simple but engaging webpage which would give information about opening times and prices.  He also needed an address and map so that visitors could find his premises.  Railway Chippy offers a delivery service, so his customers can choose from his on-line menu and phone-in their order.

We visited his shop, discussed his requirement, took photos of his delicious food and a copy of his menu, got testimonial quotes from his customers.  A couple of days later, his webpage went live as a couple of days later.  We made sure his page was search-engine friendly and registered with major search engines.  A simple Google search for "Railyway Chippy" now has Nick's shop as the top result without any paid promotion.

When Nick needs a change on the website, he just gives us a call or sends us a revised copy of his website, and we do the rest.  He is happy because his customers can find all they need to know about Railway-Chippy in an instant, and his customers are happy because 30 minutes after fancying some delicious Fish & Chips, they're delivered to the door.

One-Page Web includes:

  • Business Analysis to understand your exact requirements
  • Your own website name: www.[Your-Business's-Name] (with e-mail if needed)
  • A one-page web site designed to your specific needs
    (unlimited text and graphics - we can take photos or/and use your graphics)
  • One year's free standard hosting
  • Unlimited free updates, with a personal service
  • Search Engine Registration

After the first year, we host your website for just £2.50 (+VAT) per week.